Shelter Outreach

Mission Statement: The Montco Bible Fellowship Shelter Outreach is a ministry that serves children (ages 10-18) who have been placed in a temporary shelter due to a disruptive home life with the aim of making disciples that love God, and share His love with the world.

The goals of the ministry are to:

  1. Share the “Good News” about Jesus, and seek the conversion of lost souls.
  2. Share the “life changing” power of God’s WORD in a meaningful and applicable manner.
  3. Minister to the hurt, fear, anger, hopelessness, and depression of these young people.
  4. Establish ongoing relationships for the purpose of mentorship and discipleship.

The Shelter Outreach operates weekly, with a team of volunteers who travel to the shelter.  The sessions are carried out in a variety of formats (Bible study, discussions, movies).

The Shelter Outreach ministry is always seeking new members. If you love the Lord, have a burden for troubled youths, and enjoy seeking answers to life’s most challenging questions, perhaps this ministry is just for you.

Montco Bible Fellowship 2013