MBF Choir

Mission Statement: Our mission as a choir is to express our love and glorify God through our music. Combining this with the truth of His Word, we desire to edify the body of Christ, draw men and women into a personal relationship with Him, and encourage them in turn to share their faith with others.

Our choir is simply this…an ordinary group of people who love God, love to sing, and who desire to worship God through their singing.  United by our love for God and our love for each other we commit very average abilities to God and trust that through the power of the Holy Spirit God would use us mightily.

We have a strong commitment to each other and so not only do we minister together, we also minister to, pray for, and encourage each other.

Our ministry involves singing at our worship services here at Montco two Sundays of each month, singing at nursing homes, singing at other churches,  and  singing in different venues in the community. We have even taken our singing on missions’ trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica and a bus tour of the east coast of the United States. We continue to look forward to continuing to have an impact in the community right where we are, as well as anywhere else that God would have us go.  Once a year we try to do a concert and we have taken a couple of these efforts outside of our church with tremendous impact.

We believe that a strong relationship with God is foundational to all that we do and that we become more useable the closer and the more committed that we are to Him.  With that in mind we have a focused commitment to pursuing spiritual maturity.  Our weekly devotions are geared to keep us on the right track in this regard.

To sum it up…we love God, love to sing and desire to worship Him with all that we are and all that we have, in spirit and in truth.




Montco Bible Fellowship 2013